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Jennifer Gabrys PT

Jennifer has 20+ years experience as a Physiotherapist with special interest in Orthopedics and Women’s Health. She loves to figure out what exercises and treatments work best for each individual person. Her business is called Penticton Women's Health Physiotherapy.


Physiotherapy can  help with bladder control issues, low back and hip/ groin pain, and decreased strain on stretched abdominal walls (diastasis recti and hernias) and rehabilitate other pelvic health concerns (pelvic organ prolapse, post gynecological surgeries) and chronic pelvic pain.


Jennifer also loves to work with people with general orthopedic pain,  neck pain, shoulder restrictions after breast surgery, back pain.  Sessions are one hour long, allowing the time to really get to know you and your body’s needs and find the right exercises and techniques for you.


Jennifer lives in Summerland with her husband and two kids. She enjoys mountain biking, hiking, skiing, gardening and a good coffee. 

Please click the button below to find out more information, or to book a visit. She is available Tuesdays at Rise. 



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